EJI Approval

We are thrilled to announce that our proposal to the Equal Justice Initiative has officially been accepted! We are so excited that we will be moving forward as partners with them in this project. In their acceptance of our proposal they wrote:

Thank you for submitting your Proposal of Interest. We greatly appreciate the time you took to organize with other supporters, discuss answers to our questions, and translate your vision into words.

After reviewing your proposal, our team has decided that we would like to move forward with supporting your coalition’s historical marker project. We also look forward to supporting your coalition’s facilitation of related public education and engagement activities including the high school essay contest and the marker unveiling ceremony.

You can read the acceptance of our proposal here and our full proposal here. We could not be more thrilled to partner with EJI and join with them in their incredible work. Working with EJI means we will have greater access to resources to assist in the process of aquiring the duplicate monument from EJI’s National Memorial for Peace and Justice, the narrative marker, and, perhaps most importantly, the important long-term work of crafting educational programs that will help ensure our work will have significant and lasting impact far beyond the erection of the markers.

This project is the work of our whole community and we are excited about accomplishing this small but important step. We will continue to move forward together as we seek to foster further dialogue and seek more partners in the project. Be on the lookout for more community events in the near future to continue to spread awareness of the project and bring in more people as partners.